The city of Britt has eight acres dedicated for commercial use in Burgardt Commercial Park. Located directly off Highway 18, this land is development ready with supporting infrastructure. Download this PDF for maps and information about amenities for those who choose to locate their business in Burgardt Commercial Park.


Business Climate – The City of Britt offers a favorable business climate. The State of Iowa has a tax structure that is business-friendly, and the community colleges in the area provide a number of employee training opportunities through the State of Iowa employee training programs. Local incentives can include tax increment financing, tax rebatement, and revolving loan funds. Iowa is a “right to work” state.

BIDCO – This non-profit corporation attracts new businesses to Britt and assists existing businesses with plans for growth. BIDCO coordinates with the city of Britt, the Britt Area Chamber of Commerce, and Hancock County to facilitate growth. More information about BIDCO is available here. Please also call Eric Newton at 641-843-4455. 

Financial Incentive Programs – The City of Britt will consider the use of financial incentive programs including City, State, and Federal economic development funds, tax increment financing, public/private partnerships and other tools in order to increase economic activity, help create high-quality jobs, lower unemployment, increase the property tax base, increase tax revenues, provide entrepreneurial opportunities, encourage the development of workforce housing and revitalize underutilized or blighted areas.

The City of Britt shall work to attract, recruit, retain, foster and develop businesses that are new to our region through the use of incentives.  Projects requesting City financial assistance will be subject to financial analysis to determine if financial assistance from the City is appropriate and necessary. The analysis will include an examination of other financing sources for project costs, with an evaluation of the developer’s ability to complete the project without incentives. 

The City will not actively recruit businesses from other cities and counties within our region unless a business is seeking to expand or a business is considering relocation outside the region. Should businesses from within our region wish to locate in Waverly, we will notify our neighboring jurisdiction of the interest.  It will be our general practice to not provide economic incentives to businesses wishing to relocate from another jurisdiction within our region.

Hancock County Economic Development – Your business has additional resources available from the county.

Iowa Economic Development – Find more information to aid your business venture on this state website.

LocationOne Information System – Hancock County Economic Development utilizes LocationOne Information System (LOIS), a database that allows users to search for available commercial and industrial buildings and sites in the Britt area. Specific information such as building or site characteristics, utility services to the property and contact information can all be found in the system. Enter the LOIS database here