Lead and Copper Survey

The City of Britt is required to do a lead and copper survey of your water service line from the main to the meter by the third quarter in 2024. This is a rule and regulation enforced by the EPA with every public water service to have a better understanding of the lead and copper in the Public Works System. We are asking for your participation to keep from having to dig up your yard at the curb stop to identify. How do I know what type of piping I have? 1. Lead Pipes- The pipe is soft, easily scraped silver, and a magnet does not stick to lead. 2. Copper Pipes- If the scrapped area is copper in color, like a penny your service line is copper. 3. Galvanized Steal- If your pipes have a strong silver gray color and attract a magnet they are galavanized steal. 4. Polyethylene Pipes are stamped with the code PB2110, are flexible and sometimes curved. If unknown, please mark unknown and someone will schedule a time to check your pipe material.

When was your house built?(Required)
To the best of your knowledge, what is your pipe material before the water meter?(Required)
Example: Lead- Soft, easily scraped silver, magnet will not stick to lead. Copper- When scrapped will have a penny color Galvanized steel-When scraped will have silver gray color and magnet will stick to galvanized steel. P.E. (Polyethylene)- Plastic, should be marked with (PB2100)
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