Municipal Hall Rental

The Municipal Room in City Hall is available for the public to rent. It holds approximately 150 people and there is access to a kitchen. The cost to rent is $100.

Call City Hall to check for availability at 641-843-4433. City Hall Rental Form

City Hall Rental Rules

  1. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages in the municipal building.
  2. Absolutely NO loose glitter in the municipal building.
  3. Please wipe off used tables.
  4. Please return all chairs and tables to their racks and return all the racks to the East wall.
  5. A broom and dustpan are in the West closet of the South wall. Please sweep the hall floor and dispose of dirt in the garbage. DON’T leave it in the closet. There is also a mop for all spills.
  6. If tape has been used for any reason on the walls, make sure it’s removed. NO TAPE ON FLOORS.
  7. A vacuum cleaner is the closet to vacuum tracked in mud and leaves on the rugs.
  8. The refrigerator and stove are for public use. The dishes, utensils, and coffee makers are for public use. The hand towels and any food items in the cupboards or refrigerators are NOT.
  9. Please bag up all garbage and take it out to the dumpster on the southwest side of the building.
  10. There are blue bins with yellow lids on the South side of the building that can be used for recycling. Make sure items are CLEAN.
  11. Please turn off all lights when leaving the building.
  12. Overall, leave the hall in the same condition in which it was found.

Gazebo/Park Rental
The gazebo and public parks can be rented for a fee of $10.

*Rental of the park reserves the building for use but does not limit other visitors on the park equipment.

Call City Hall to check for availability at 641-843-4433City Park Rental Form

City Park Rental Rules

  1. Picnic tables should be in the shelter house when done.
  2. Garbage should be cleaned up and placed in garbage bin/dumpster.
  3. All fires in grills should be completely out.
  4. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages in the park.
  5. Overall, leave the park in the same condition in which it was found.
  6. Any damages will be assessed to the person who signed the Park Agreement.