Boards & Commissions

The board of trustees of the Britt Public Library consists of 7 members.  At least 5, but no more than 6 of the members shall be residents of the City of Britt.  There shall be at least 1, but no more than two non-resident members who are library patrons residing in Hancock County, Iowa. LEARN MORE

The board shall consist of 5 members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval of the Council.  A park and rec advisory board is created to advise the Council on the needed facilities to provide open space such as parks, playgrounds, and community facilities for other forms of recreation.  It shall also plan and oversee City programs, and encourage other programs, for the leisure time of the City's residents of all ages. LEARN MORE

There shall be a city planning & zoning commission consisting of 7 members, appointed by the Council, who shall be citizens of the city and qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertaining to the development of a city plan and who shall not hold any elective office in the city government. LEARN MORE

The board shall consist of 5 members to be appointed by the City Council.  The Board of Adjustment shall adopt rules necessary to the conduct of its affairs, and in keeping with the provisions of said Ordinance. LEARN MORE